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chairman-photoOver more than four decades, my companies have focused on investment in real estate as well as the creation and development of luxury, master-planned residential communities with an emphasis on golf and other high quality amenities. In both endeavors, we have taken pride in our ability to find strategically located, outstanding properties poised for substantial increases in value. We have also cherished our relationships with our employees, consultants and clients. Our employees share the view that their most memorable and rewarding times have been in the creative process and helping add enjoyment to people’s lives.

Although we now face a real estate world that has experienced dramatic changes, I am convinced there is great investment potential with many properties, both raw land and entitled, that presently are significantly undervalued from a long-term perspective. Over time, that potential can be realized with experienced selection, knowledgeable analysis, and creative planning and development.

My companies have done business through a number of evolutions in the real estate world over the years. Now it is again time for new, strategic approaches to meet markets of the future. It has always been our goal, whether on our own or with highly respected partners, to be on the leading edge of meeting new challenges in the markets, but with our core strategy remaining the selection of uniquely positioned properties, collaboration with outstanding consultants and commitment to quality. That is our approach to the future.

All of us at my companies are immensely proud of the leadership position we have managed to achieve in the fields of our endeavors, the quality of our communities, and our success in identifying and investing in superb properties. Today, we remain fully engaged in continuing our focus on high quality investment and development properties. This is true as to properties with which we are presently involved as well as to our pursuit of new investment opportunities, whether on our own or with past and future partners who share our objectives and philosophies.

While there are challenges in the current markets, my more than forty years in the business convinces me it is a time for unusual and exciting opportunities.

Lyle Anderson